Based in a CrossFit gym I treat many athletes with various complaints from serious injuries to just not being able to move in the required way. I decided to make it my mission to educate people about their bodies and how they SHOULD move. Every athlete is different so should be approached differently each time when it comes to mobility and movement patterns. 
Most clients looking for injury prevention have been injured previously but I'm seeing more and more clients wishing to prevent injury occurring in the first place as well as increase range of motion to improve their movement and technique. 
A months injury prevention programming is tailored to you and what you can commit to. There is a sense of trial and error to begin with as different clients respond to different methods - communication is the key! Initially we take a look at the area you wish to improve or are concerned about. We discuss the anatomy - I believe its key for my clients to have a complete understanding of what we are working with, what it does, and what we are trying to achieve. From here I introduce you to different mobility and strengthening exercises ensuring that you understand what they are for and how to do them. 
Finally I form a programme for you to follow for a month either at home or in the gym - I am constantly available to answer any questions or to tweak anything that you aren't sure about.