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Note to self - pockets or an assistant are a good idea when taping! #taping #rocktape #equinetaping


Equine osteopathy is the adaptation of human osteopathic techniques to treat horses. 

Equine osteopaths use a combination of massage, joint manipulation and articulation, and stretching to help improve a horse's structure and therefore function.

Horses are athletes - whether they are your happy hack or a top-end race horse. Their health must be taken seriously including their musculo-skeletal health. As osteopaths we treat the horse as a whole in order to resolve reduced performance, behavioural changes and to relieve pain. 

Problems that Equine Osteopathy can assist with include:

  • Gait problems

  • Reduced levels of performance

  • Problems with head carriage - head shaking or shyness

  • Stiffness or reduced mobility - difficult tracking up, bending, lengthening stride

  • Changes in behaviour - bucking, rearing, unexplained grumpiness

  • Tendon injuries or ligament strain

  • Back tenderness

  • Lameness

The application of kinesiology tape can be a great addition to osteopathic treatment. I use RockTape to help add support, improve fluid drainage and blood supply, and to provide decompression of fascia and nerves. It is a great way to prolong my treatment and something I can teach you to do at home. 

It is important to remember that horses are heavily influenced by their rider. Having horse and rider sessions can be extremely beneficial especially when a horse seems to be having ongoing problems. During a 'horse and rider' session I will watch you ride and assess and treatment both you and your horse. I aim to educate you on both your own and your horse's anatomy to further your understanding of how to optimise performance. 

Equine Osteopathy: Service
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